Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our First Snafoo....A Bit Too Soon

So remember that wonderful explosion that happened yesterday? Well, it seems to have had a very negative effect on poor K!! She has the WORST rash she has ever had! I'm hoping that it's just a reaction to her super poop & not a reaction to the cloth! I doubt that it is, but I have to wonder a bit....We have been very lucky that she has only had a handful of rashes her entire life with the disposables, and none of them have really been that bad. Just a little redness and we put some rash cream on it & it's gone in about a day or two at the most. But with cloth diapers, you can't use any old rash cream - and what we have is definitely out of the question. So I'm doing some research now to find a cloth-safe diaper rash cream. Do any of you have suggestions? Another thing to add to the list of, "What You Should Really Buy Before Trying Out Cloth Diapers"! LOL. Maybe I'll post my official list in another few weeks! So we have been switching to disposables a bit more so that we can get her covered in cream at least some of the time. It's looking a little bit better now that we're doing that, but if it's not gone in another day or so I might just have to stay on 'sposies until the rash is gone completely. Oy vey!

Hope you all have a wonderful turkey day tomorrow! Gobble gobble!


  1. Hi! I actually make a great diaper salve. I would be totally willing to send you a tin to try out. I am making a fresh batch tomorrow and was going to send a tin to a friend down in the states anyhow. here's a link to the page about it . However, just consider it a gift. From one blogger mom to another. (uhm, of course you'd have to give me your mailing address which might not be something you'd like to do, and I would totally understand) Mere

  2. That would be wonderful, thank you so much!! Is it safe for the microfiber diapers, or should I use a barrier between my daughter's bottom & the diaper? I think there is a way on here to private message you my address since I don't want to post it here...I will see if I can figure it out!

  3. Feel free to email me mymeremusings at .
    The salve is made with Olive Oil and organic herbs with a bit of vit e for preserving and a small amount of beeswax to solidify the olive oil, I have never had an issue with using it in cloth diapers, but I'll look into it. Either way, it's on me, and it's good for many uses. If you like it, maybe make a small post about it on your blog or tell a friend. I used to be more active with making my salves, but I found that having labels, tins and the oils/herbs on hand got to be a bit expensive. (guess I'm not good at being a businesswoman, lol) so now I just make a few batches at a time. If someone enjoys it, that makes me happy. I use it on myself for almost everything, same with the whole family.. a blister, rash, eczema, whatever, I chase after them with salve :D

  4. Not a problem - I will definitely review it if I like it! I did manage to find a way to message you on blogger, but I'm not sure if you got it or not. If not, let me know & I'll send you my address via e-mail :)