Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It Happened.

My biggest fears with cloth diapering were realized today when K had an old school, upset stomach, ass explosion poop. First one so far. The other poops were easy to deal with. It was like throwing rocks in the toilet and everything else came out in the washer. But this time.....there wasn't much I could get into the toilet. And I couldn't bring myself to put the diaper in the pail the way that it was, though I have read that you can. So I rinsed the crap out of it (literally!) in the sink.

This brought me waaaayyy back to the early days when I would have to wash out all of K's clothes every time she pooped. Standing at the sink for what seemed like half an hour, digging my hands in & pretending it was just finger paint I was washing off. And at first I got upset because I didn't want to have to go back to that every time this happened - it would just be too much, and I would have to consider giving up cloth diapering. But I am going to keep a positive attitude and try to figure out how I can make things easier on myself. So now I am convinced that we need a diaper sprayer because I didn't like how long it took to rinse everything in the sink & then I had to completely disinfect the sink afterwords as well. Hopefully that will make it at least somewhat easier. I have to wait until the next paycheck comes in before I can buy it, but that happens tomorrow!! So hopefully we can place an order then :)

I don't know, maybe I rinsed it more than I needed to? I was literally scrubbing the diaper against itself & the wipe to try to get all of the tint out of it & there was still a lot of color left when I was finished. Some of it would just not come out! Not sure how it will turn out after it is washed, but I am interested to see...if it is clean, maybe I won't work so hard next time! If it is stained, I will pray the weather holds out so I can leave it in the sun for a while & not have it freeze. I don't like the thought of putting heavily stained diapers on my daughter, even if I know that they are clean.

Everything was pretty smooth sailing up until this point. I was ready to start trying out a bunch of other types of diapers but I knew I should hold off for just a while longer. And now this has shaken things up a bit & left me not so sure anymore. But tomorrow is wash day & we will see what the aftermath is. I can only keep my fingers crossed & hope for the best. Wish me luck!!!


So I just finished the wash now & EVERYTHING came out!! The diaper she was wearing looks like brand new, you never would have known it was so gross just 1 day ago! So maybe this means I don't have to rinse so much?.....or maybe it's so clean because I did? I guess trial & error will have to give me the answer!

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