Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Go Green Diapers Giveaway

This was too cool of a giveaway not to share!

GoGreenDiapers has developed a fantastic new diaper called the Champ 3.0.  They are a pocket diaper, but they are changing the way that pocket diapers are made with this new design.  Their new features are dual leg gussets and double layers of PUL.

The dual leg gussets are something I feel has been missing from cloth diapers.  Disposable diapers have been using these for many years, and with this enhancement, I truly feel that there is NOTHING that disposables have on cloth!

Double layers of PUL will make this diaper extra waterproof & super durable.  This will lengthen the life of your diaper and give you more quality for your money.

To celebrate their new creation, GoGreen is doing a pre-release giveaway at Baby Half Off!  Go check it out for your chance to win one of these revolutionary diapers!

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