Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Doh! Next Time Read Carefully

By now you have all read about my struggles with ammonia and HE washers, as well as my quest for the perfect cloth diaper detergent, inspiring me to try my hand at making my own. In the meantime, I needed to find something to use in lieu of the Clean B. We've all tried Rockin' Green, and I still had some of that left, but I wanted to see if I could find something that left behind a scent. So I bought some Ruby Moon.

At first I was neither pleased nor displeased with it. I found it to be as effective as the Rockin' Green but also without leaving behind any kind of fragrance. Ever solidifying my decision to make my own detergent, I continued to use the Ruby Moon in the interim while I continued to research the detergent making process. But as time went on, I noticed that my diapers started to have that horrible ammonia smell again, and my poor baby boy started getting horrible ammonia burns :( I had mostly kept the ammonia at bay with the Clean B and the Rockin Green, so I assumed the problem was the Ruby Moon as that was what has changed about my wash routine.

Then, when I read the packaging more clearly, I realized that I had made a horrible mistake! Instead of buying the Ruby Moon Diaper Wash, I bought the Ruby Moon Laundry Detergent! BIG difference! So after realizing this, I decided to strip my diapers in hopes that this would rid them of the stink. Well, it's been 9 hours and I'm still trying to rinse suds out of them! Hmmph!

So when purchasing new detergent, make sure you're reading the details very carefully or else you might end up in a similar situation! Has anyone else's mommy brain done something similar lately? I always love a good phone in the fridge story....not that I've done anything like that...

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